Maptain is a free iPhone app. Thanks to Maptain, you’ll be able to find and share relevant spots suggested by trustworthy communities.

Our recommender system is based on easily recognizable and communities. We think that there is strength in unity so we are sure that the more a community you like recommends a spot, the more you’ll like it !

Well Ahead

With Maptain, you will easily find good spots in the cities you visit or around you. We really believe that Maptain will be the missing link between you, the people you like and the spot they go to !

The best bars by Erasmus Students of Barcelona
The best shops by Berlin Vegans

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We are looking for people to start using Maptain. If you have any questions, send us an email to or contact us on our Facebook page or Twitter account ! We’ll try to answer as soon as possible !


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